360 Media Group Webinars

Access expertise through two monthly series

The EV Forums delivers over 1,000 minutes of content each year, with fifty experts providing tips, advice and opinion. Each webinar shares exclusive insight from the EV Index, making the EV Forums the only webinar series to benchmark EV Adoption. Our hosts summarise each session with ten takeaways and make all content available through a series of actionable guides. The Green Rooms Masterclass series has developed FIVE TOOLS for fleets to deploy as they adopt EVs, including a driver policy, driver survey, EV roadmap, EV Playbook and EV product book And coming soon EV buddy. Join today for access.

Upcoming EV Forums

The EV Forums is the monthly advice centre connecting leading industry commentators with an engaged audience who are in the process of planning the switch to electric vehicles.

The Green Rooms Masterclass is a structured series of independent content that inform the implementation plan for transitioning to electric vehicles.

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