Training Videos

Created by fleet experts Ian Richardson, 360 Media Group, and Jon Burdekin* our library of training videos contains a wealth of insight and information on planning, buying and running electric fleets. Each will provide training on a critical component in the EV Roadmap.

The EV Checklist series features exclusive insights from the industry leading Fleet Outlook Report.

*Leading fleet consultant Jon Burdekin spends his time advising UK fleets and leasing companies on the preparation for the 2030 ban on the sales of new petrol & diesel vehicles. Jon is also one of the lead trainers for the BVRLA and The Association of Fleet Operators.

2030 Roadmap - Episode 22. Tim Campbell on Hydrogen for Trucks.

Is refuelling hydrogen viable for trucks? Leading consultant Tim Campbell shares his expert insights.

2030 Roadmap - Episode 25. Making the TCO argument for e-LCVs with Tim Campbell

Leading consultant Tim Campbell explains the argument for using the Total Cost of Ownership model to switch to e-LCVs.

2030 Roadmap - Episode 24. The evolution of second generation e-LCVs with Tim Campbell

Leading fleet consultant Tim Campbell explains the capabilities of a new generation of e-LCVs and highlights some of the new launches.

2030 Roadmap - Episode 21. What you need to know about EV servicing

Leading consultant Jon Burdekin shares considerations for servicing electric vehicles.

2030 Roadmap. Episode 16. The importance of upgrading your fleet policy

Leading consultant Jon Burdekin shares why it's important to have a fleet policy and upgrade it to include electric vehicles.

2030 Roadmap. Episode 23. Tim Campbell shares his thoughts on the capabilities of e-LCV s

Developments of models across small, medium and large vans.

2030 Roadmap - Episode 20. What are the considerations for including Tesla on the fleet choice list?

Leading consultant Jon Burdekin talks pros and cons of Tesla from Supercharger network to dealer representation.

2030 Roadmap - Episode 13. Creating trust when selling electric vehicles

Leading consultant Jon Burdekin shares the knowledge gaps that could erode buyer trust before the deal is agreed.

2030 Roadmap. Episode 14. How clean air zones are impacting the EV buying decision

Leading consultant Jon Burdekin outlines the role of Clean Air Zones and why getting it wrong will cost you £'000's

2030 Roadmap. Episode 15. Why the new AER rate is not appropriate for many fleets

2030 Roadmap. Episode 17. Why should fleets allow their drivers to trade up?

With around half of UK fleets enabling drivers to contribute to the monthly rental, Ian Richardson poses the question to Jon Burdekin, why don't more fleets do this and ultimately why deny the driver the opportunity to switch to an electric car?

2030 Roadmap. Episode 19. What are the FAQs should you expect your drivers to ask?

Leading consultant Jon Burdekin reveals the future dialogue that fleets should expect to have with their company vehicle drivers as they roll-out EVs.

2030 Roadmap - Episode 18. How to be sure that you are EV ready

Leading consultant Jon Burdekin shares how to identify which drivers are ready to switch to electric vehicles and what questions you should ask.

2030 Roadmap. Episode 12. An introducing to hydrogen

Leading consultant Jon Burdekin shares the role of hydrogen in transport, what is it and where will it most likely be deployed?

2030 Roadmap - Episode 5. Why future-proofing charging is business critical for fleets

Ten minute training video from 360 Media Group with Ian Richardson and Jon Burdekin on the reasons to plan your charging needs early and mitigate against costs later.

2030 Roadmap - Episode 2. Changing driver mindset to increase EV adoption

Ian Richardson and Jon Burdekin, fleet consultant discuss why its important to engage with drivers, create advocates and communicate more frequently on electric vehicles.

2030 Roadmap - Episode 8. The key to maximising range on electric vehicles

Leading consultant Jon Burdekin shares five tips to increase the range between charges on electric cars.

2030 Roadmap - Episode 9. Fleet policy considerations for EVs

Jon Burdekin talks through the essential inclusions for a green fleet policy.

2030 Roadmap - Episode 11. Why deploying a salary sacrifice scheme is good for your business

Leading consultant Jon Burdekin and 360 Media Group's Ian Richardson talk salary sacrifice. What is it and how does it work? Is it a no brainer for fleets to encourage their benefits team to implement?

2030 Roadmap - Episode 10. Understanding BIK tax and the benefits for company car drivers

Leading fleet consultant Jon Burdekin and 360 Media Group's Ian Richardson discuss the fundamentals of BIK tax and why allowing drivers to choose an electric car is better than a pay rise for many.

2030 Roadmap - Episode 7. Starting your fleet electrification transition right now

360 Media Group's Ian Richardson and leading fleet consultant Jon Burdekin discuss is two replacement cycles before the 2030 deadline on the sales on new petrol & diesel vehicles enough time to make the switch to electric vehicles?

2030 Roadmap - Episode 6. Strategies to mitigate rising energy costs

Jon Burdekin shares how drivers and fleets can charge efficiently in the wake of recent energy price rises.

2030 Roadmap - Episode 3. Five rules for planning your electric fleet transition

Our weekly training videos and features Ian Richardson from 360 Media Group with Jon Burdekin, leading consultant and trainer, we discuss what fleets need to include in their EV planning.

2030 Roadmap - Episode 4. Key considerations when buying used electric vehicles

Part of the 2030 Roadmap series from 360 Media Group, featuring Ian Richardson with Jon Burdekin, fleet consultant. In this episode we outline what to look for when thinking about buying a used EV.

2030 Roadmap - Episode 26. Exploring rural charging solutions with Field Dynamics

Charlie Gilbert examines the challenges with rural charging and outlines how the seasonal influx of visitors changing the dynamics for infrastructure requirements.