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The 360 Media suite of reports are designed to provide accessible insights to inform planning. All reports contain primary research exclusive to 360 Media Group, using experience researchers with deep knowledge of the automotive sector. Our team of experts deliver cutting-edge analysis, provide market context and summarise the trends that matter.
Our latest reports include the Fleet250 market dynamics report, the Fleet500 - Britain's Largest Fleets revealed, SME Fleet Propositions, SME Market Dynamics and the EV Barometer.


How corporate fleets are planning for change?

The Fleet250 report + listing is the definitive list of major corporate fleets. Complied by the original team that launched the FN50 leasing audit and the Fleet200 report, 360 Media Group have launched the FleetList series identifying the top 250 fleets, running a combined fleet size of 600,000 company vehicles.


The Fleet250 report is a comprehensive study of major corporate fleets. It reveals the UK's top 250 fleets, identifies changes and trends within them, and outlines future transport priorities.  


Complete market coverage of major corporate fleets


Customer behaviour analysis

Customer profiles 

A-Z listing

Market segmentation

The Fleet250 report + listing enables marketeers to produce targeted campaigns and tailored messaging. The FleetList series includes the Fleet500 and EV500 to ensure that all major fleets are profiled.

To request sample data or a report overview please email lorraine@360informationservices.com 

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Tactics to drive sales

Tactics to drive sales

The SME 360 report delivers in-depth analysis of decision-making influences in fleet.

The SME market spends in excess of £25 billion per annum on moving people and goods.

There are significant opportunities for suppliers of fleet, with over 200,000 new SME fleets created since 2014. SME Purchasing Dynamics identifies the priorities to attract and retain SME Fleets. The report identified decision-making, maps-out the customer journey, and explores the purchasing process. In-like pain points are rated and propositions tested for appeal and relevance. 

The report explores:

-Market sizing


-The digital journey

-Information needs

-The sales process


-Maintenance provision

-Clean Air Zones

-The role of the electric car

-Fleet services

-Pain points


The Purchasing Dynamics report is a fundamental intelligence resource for stakeholders to plan messaging, targeting and proposition development .

For more information email lorraine@360informationservices.com

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Opportunities for growth

Our latest report provides an independent outlook on the key needs of SMEs. We provide insights on the fleet value chain and gauge appetite for investment in fleet products and services. We measure planned investments and identify where SMEs expect to prioritise future spend.

The report includes over 300 interviews of micro, small and medium sized SMEs to inform proposition planning.

Content includes:

Current fleet expenditure 

Future change metrics

The value chain

Reactions to propositions

Summary of fleet investment priorities

For a detailed summary of content please contact lorraine@360sme.co.uk 

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Top 250 UK van fleets revealed! Database available includes company name, fleet size and contact details email lorraine@360informationservices.com now.



Tracking growth of electric vehicles

Whilst there is plenty of debate on the predicted rate of growth for EVs in the UK, 360 Media Group have now launched the EV Barometer to measure fleet growth outlook for the next three years. Metrics include predictions on ordering electric cars, vans and charge points (at business premises) in 2020/21 & 22. We also identify the drivers for switching, motivations and influences when choosing the brand. The EV Barometer is published quarterly. To find out more email lorraine@360informationservices.com