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Updated: May 27

With the media sector operating in challenging conditions and the automotive market delivering unprecedented change, the opportunities to deliver insight driven solutions, bandwidth and practical marketing support are huge.

The information needs and consumption in the automotive space are changing, traditional B2B print magazines have reduced frequency, shifted content to digital and focussed on events. The vast majority of buyers of company cars & vans spend less than four hours per week managing their fleet, there needs are different to professional fleet managers.

The research industry is applying many new techniques across different audiences to deliver value, yet there is a challenge for marketeers in understanding what the fleet market is.

There's more than meets the eye with 360 Media Group

  1. Need a research partner?

  2. Want to know what knowledge is accessible immediately?

  3. Require market trend data?

  4. Need to validate your market share report with independent data?

  5. Working up propositions and require a sounding board?

  6. Require content for marketing material?

  7. Need access to webinar production?

  8. Would you like to hear what your suspects and prospects are thinking?

  9. Unsure if your market coverage is robust?

  10. Need to boost your PR?

  11. Want to update your CRM system and direct your salesforce to the biggest opportunities?

  12. Are you a start-up with limited budget & bandwidth?

Then 360 Media Group can probably help you.

360 Media Group supports leading vehicle manufacturers, leasing companies and fleet service providers to help them make better informed sales and marketing decisions.

Our unique data, robust research and analysis delivers exceptional insights into the buying processes, influences and intentions of fleet decision makers.

Our exclusive database stretches from executives responsible for the UK’s largest fleets to directors at SMEs running a handful of vehicles. We also identify fast growth fleets.

Our latest credentials brochure is now available, showcasing our services.

How we do it Our regular barometer surveys projects generate robust evidence of fleet purchasing behaviours, operational pain points and key short, medium and long-term priorities. - We conduct 300 in-depth fleet interviews on a quarterly basis, measuring 40 KPIs. - Our Corporate Fleet Community programme engages businesses running more than 50 vehicles, bringing together our independent research and their best practices.

- With over 1000 fleets operating more than 50 vehicles and 500 with more than 350 vehicles we have access to the majority of corporate fleets.

- Our custom research programmes combine timely insights with expert commentary.

- Our monthly EV Forums deliver access to independent advice, experts and insight without the bias of sponsor presentations. - The 360 Media Group’s thought-leadership programme delivers trusted expert advice to our fleet buying community across all media platforms.

- Our new Instant PR service links research to PR solution delivers bandwidth and immediacy to help brands associate their products and services with the hottest topics.

And the 360 Knowledge Bank is comprehensive library of fleet insights.

We are not just a commercial enterprise

We offer our services to trade associations, fleet operators and start-ups for no fee.

We are genuinely interested in helping as many companies as possible to transition to electric vehicles. We have a range of services, resource and marketing resource that we allocate to businesses that require support but do not have a budget. These services range from helping with policy, sharing research, supporting investor pitches and providing market exposure without charging.

Who we work with We work with sales and marketing teams and PR experts, gathering and analysing market data, to provide you with extra bandwidth so that you can focus on your core products, services and messages.

And we open access out to our valuable fleet community in many ways, you can use our webinar template, access moderators to support your events, white label surveys, use our research resources to fastback your research or use our pay-as-you-go marketing services and benefit from our reach.

So why not give us a try?

To increase your bandwidth, access readily available data or engage with customers & prospects independently, 360 Media Group delivers accessible and affordable solutions.

With over 10,000 fleets on our panel and the top 1000 buyers available to access through our webinar series there's something for everyone.

Ian Richardson

Managing Director

360 Media Group Ltd

Please contact to request your brochure now.

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