Planning for Change.

We recently hosted the Planning For Change webinar on how the fleet market are likely to be impacted by Covid-19, what the future may look like and how leadership may evolve. Paul Hollick Co-Chair at the Association of Fleet Professionals shared his thoughts on on the future of fleet, how the world has changed, and why those that digitise their products & services will have a competitive advantage in the marketplace as customers look for the same services but delivered to them in a socially distanced way. Leigh Howes shared why it's important for all leaders is to take the time to look at ways they can evolve their own leadership to build trust and engagement in their teams both for their immediate need but as businesses adjust and look at ways to sustain and grow performance.  In particular becoming more aware and leveraging more of their own strengths and that of their team and specifically looking at ways to develop resilience. We also heard from Chris Sullivan on the challenges for businesses as they recover from Covid-19 in the short to medium term and Andrew Jago on how Jaguar Land Rover continued to support the fleet market, key workers and delivered cars to NHS staff during the lockdown. The panel debate featured Caroline Sandall and Ivan Aistrop. Slides are available from the webinar and it is available to view, please email for the link.

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