Major momentum towards electrification

Our latest data provides a clear direction for major fleets to adopt electric cars technology as a serious alternative to ICE.

When asked what is the primary challenge for their fleet over the next 3-5 years, the compelling response was the introduction of electric vehicles with 82%. In the short-term some 88% of major fleets plan to order electric cars in the next 12 months, whilst 71% will invest in electric charge points.

Whilst fleets acknowledge the there are challenges along the way, with availability, model range and infrastructure cited as barriers to increase the volume of electric cars in the short-term, 17% of fleets specify that electric will be their preferred choice of power in the the next 3-5 years.

With large corporates targeting a carbon neutral future, one priority is to reduce the company car feet emissions, and the intention to invest in alternative fuels is clear. It now seems clear that a raft of new model launches will be well received by the fleet sector, with the next challenge appearing to be price, fleet discounts and getting electric cars on the main car choice so that drivers can vote with their feet.

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