Major fleets reveal three year plans for EV purchasing

Our new report on how buyers responsible for one-third of the company car market are adopting EVs launches on November 1st. Our exclusive survey focussed on fleets with 100 plus vehicles and identifies mindset, culture and eligibility for EVs. Included in the report:

Who the top 500 largest fleets are

The plans to invest on EVs over the next three years

Intention to invest in charging points for their business

The company mindset driving their decisions

The provision of EVs to employees - who is eligible?

The future of cash allowance as an alternative to the company car

The definitive list of the 500 largest fleets in the UK is designed to inform sales & marketing functions, data includes:

Unique ID

Comprehensive fleet size breakdown

Industry sector

Contact details

GDPR compliant

The Fleet500 report & listing is part of a series of insight and data produced by 360 Media Group to inform, target and engage with the sales & marketing process. For more details contact

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