Major fleets prepare for electrification

Major fleets prepare for electrification According to the Fleet 250 report, 71% of fleets anticipate an increase in expenditure on charge points in the next 12 months, while two-thirds (65%) expect their spend on access to EV charging networks to grow. Currently 65% of fleets have at least one EV on their fleet. In most other areas of fleet services the outlook is for expenditure to remain consistent during the year ahead. However, as fleets tighten their belts, spend on fuel cards, rental vehicles, accident management and service, maintenance and repair face is under scrutiny. This indicates a reduction in usage, whist replacement cycles on cars is four years. The Fleet250 operate a combined fleet of over 600,000 vehicles, around one-third of the total fleet market. The Fleet250 report is now available, providing a benchmark for change and revealing the 'Who's Who' of major fleets. For details contact

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