Inside the mind of an SME fleet

With 5.6 million SMEs operating in the UK, the opportunity to sell cars, vans and related 'in-life' services is vast. We often get asked, what do they really want, what are their fleet issues and how can we drive loyalty? The last point is much harder to answer in a price driven market, where sales are largely driven by dealers and brokers and the internet offers immediate price comparisons. Or is it? 360 Media Group have scoped an ambitious research project to understand the SME fleet market. What drives purchasing, what is on their radar from an innovation perspective and how do they want to be sold to i.e. relationship vs. transaction, maintenance included in their monthly rental, in-life services perhaps? We have produced a project overview should anyone be curious on our approach or the outputs of the project. The project kicks-off in earnest in September, it's not too late to input. In the meantime we wanted to share a visual which may stimulate some views on what the SME fleet may be thinking about today, tomorrow and in the future. To register to our insights panel (fleet operators) email to receive our research project overview

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