Fleet objectives revealed!

Fleets reveal their objectives for the next 12-24 months. Cost reductions are never far from the fleet agenda, however, we have compiled to top 6 objectives for fleet managers. 322 fleets were surveyed by 360 Media Group as part of our EV Report, powered by the EV Barometer. The top 3 objectives for fleets were. 1. Cost reduction @36%. 2 Emissions reduction @ 27% and 3. Improve the efficiency of drivers @15%. Driver safety, saving time on fleet management and adopting mobility services complete the picture. Whilst cost reduction strategies come in many guises it is clear that the emissions agenda is becoming increasing vital with Clean Air Zones and greater environmental consciousness exerting pressure on fleets to move away from diesel. Government subsidies and advantageous tax treatments are helping to reduce the wholelife costs of battery-powered cars which is stimulating demand for EVs in both the corporate and SME sectors. The EV Report from 360 Media launches next week! To find out more, request an extract from the report or for an overview of our 2020 insights please email

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