Electric Vehicles, what to expect?

Join us at the Vehicle Suitability for Electric Vehicles Webinar sponsored by Volvo Car UK on Tuesday September 8th at 9.30am GMT. The panel will debate the rationale to adopt BEVs & PHEVs, assess product capabilities and discuss changing behaviour. Steve Beattie, Head of Fleet & Remarketing at Volvo Car UK will be presenting Volvo Recharged, outlining the transformation the Volvo car range has undergone over the last few years and the steps taken into the electrification space. Russell Danks presents - This isn’t the ‘new normal’ this is the future accelerated and is this session, Russell explores the attitudes of the Consumer in a post-Covid world and what this means for business. On the panel: Rory Mackinnon, Sales Director at ARI, Chris Plumb, Senior Valuations Editor, cap hpi and Stewart Lightbody MICFM Deputy chairman, Association of Fleet Professionals. Join Curtis Hutchinson and I for two hours of insights & debate. Registration is FREE shape the debate, ask a question

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