Developing the EV Infrastructure webinar sponsored by Traffilog - August 18th 2020

Developing the EV Infrastructure webinar sponsored by Traffilog on August 18th 2020. The next webinar in our EV Forums series is packed with experts who will share their knowledge on future developments on EV Infrastructure. The panel includes Paul Hollick, Chairman of The Association of Fleet Professionals, Tom Callow, Head of External Affairs at BP Chargemaster, and Sam Clarke, Chief Vehicle Officer, GRIDSERVE. With debate on network coverage, charging speeds and payment technology, we will also discuss new developments including The Electric Forecourt®near Braintree, Essex by GRIDSERVE. Ben Copitch, Business Development Director at Traffilog will be outlining Driving The Change to Mass EV Adoption highlighting the value of insights in fleet optimisation. Cllr Kye Dudd, from Bristol City Council will outline progress made on electric vehicle charge points. Rachael Howourth will deliver Communicating to Maximise Profit, we will be sharing a video intro from Rachael shortly. With Curtis Hutchinson & Ivan Aistrop the webinar is on August 18th @9.30am-11.30am, it's FREE to register

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