The EV Forums series is inspiring the switch to electric vehicles. Engaging over 1,300 fleets, responsible for in excess of 600,000 vehicles, the EV Forums deliver a monthly masterclass on planning for electrification. The Fleet 1000 is our new listing of UK corporate fleets which launches in September 2020. For more information please use the contact us page.


Next webinar January 19th 2021

The EV Forums is a monthly  webinar for fleet professionals, each session covers the priorities in keeping EVs moving to include payments, charging and servicing considerations. With over fifty guests per year, a rolling agenda and exclusive insights, the EV Forums deliver unrivalled insight, opinion and debate.

Speakers required

The Influence of the EV Forums is growing, major fleets, leading industry influencers and the fleet supply chain attend every month.

There are opportunities for speakers, and panelists  on selected themes including, infrastructure, sustainable energy, Clean Air Zones, e-bikes and EV leasing.

We will also be seeking guests for our new podcast series - RealityEV.

If you would like to outline your market expertise, showcase products or share your story - just drop us an email 

Partner packages now available

The EV Forums series follows the customer journey for EV adoption and speakers and panellists combine to inspire the switch to electric vehicles.

We provide opportunities to influence our monthly audience of buyers and access our Fleet1000 community.

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